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Everything on one bill. If you’re a guest at Hotel Åregården you can eat and drink at all of our restaurants and charge it to your room.



Hotel Åregården’s lobby bar has always been a great meeting place for Åre’s residents. This is where you can have a cool beer after a long day of skiing, meet for drinks before dinner, or for drinks after dinner – or perhaps both. A good cocktail menu, a serious wine list and a wide range of coffee – as befits a decent hotel bar. And, when you least expect it, a DJ or live performer will appear to take the atmosphere from pleasant to perfect.



Here, the cuisine is classically Italian: creamy pasta dishes, fresh fish, meat, chicken and, of course, carpaccio, osso buco and tiramisu. The food is perfectly matched by an excellent wine list and truly classic surroundings. The sense of an alpine resort and the building’s century-old history is, quite literally, in the walls. Capo’s bar serves outrageously good coffee and an impressive range of grappa. Reserve a table by emailing or calling +46 (0)647 17930

Country Club


Country Club is back! By far Åre’s most legendary and renowned nightclub, it’s been given a hard-earned face lift and, 39 years after it first opened, it is still in fine form. Drop by as the early hours approach, order a drink and create some party history. Table reservations:



Think of Arne’s as the sibling of Vinbaren. The menu is also suggesting you try several dishes combined with great beer and wine in little livelier environment. Drop by and we’ll tell you more. Open monday to friday 17:30-00:00. Torggränd 2. Take Out: 0647-50023

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